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Kelly squatted and released his load then they slipped into the tent.
Donna was out like a light.
Mark had Kelly lie between them.
Soon they were all asleep.
Kelly figured it was must have been around four a.
as the birds were just starting to sing.
She felt Mark rubbing her pussy.
Kelly was lying on her back.
Mark gently nudged her to lie on her side facing Donna.
Kelly complied and she felt Mark’s hard-on rub through her slit a few times until Mark aimed it into her vagina.
They fucked slowly and quietly for a long time.
Nonetheless, Donna woke up.
She was lying on her side facing Kelly.
She was caught off-guard having Kelly in their tent. Brandisex90 hot cam sex.
Donna leaned forward and kissed Kelly on the lips.
Is he fucking you? she whispered.
Nice and slow, Kelly whispered back.
Donna reached down and put her hand in Kelly’s slit.
She could feel Mark’s cock slowly fucking away.
Donna used her flat hand to slowly rub over Kelly’s clit and lips.
Donna leaned back in for a kiss, and she and Kelly played a gentle game of tongue hockey.
Kelly couldn’t believe how good this couple was making her feel.
Donna understood pussy.
She kept Kelly feeling great without pushing her to orgasm.
Kelly lost track of time but the sun was starting to come up.
Mark started to fuck her a little bit faster.
Donna started to kiss her a little harder.
She also was pressing more firmly on Kelly’s clit as she rubbed her.
Kelly began to moan and moan.
It had been an incredibly slow build but it was working toward an Read Full Post…

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Of course, with all his natural tension, and with how aroused he had gotten from the kissing, he was immediately on edge, and before he could do anything about it, he felt the tensing up deep inside.
followed by the incredible release of his sperm in a vagina for the first time. Alya555 cam4 sex rooms.
She grunted in victory as she forced him to come, trapping his penis as it spurted out, and milking it for almost an entire minute.
His breathing calmed down, and she whispered.
That was fun, but now it is time to sleep.
we will talk some Read Full Post…

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We kissed passionately as we masturbated each other and I wanted to taste his cock.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I dropped to my knees and nervously kissed the head of his penis.
I flicked out my tongue, giving him a tentative lick as I tried to build up my nerve.
Then… I opened my mouth and sucked him in.
The head of his cock fit perfectly in my mouth and soon I was taking a good length of him. Babyfoxy xxx 2.
Keith held my head and slowly, gently fucked my mouth while the hot water beat down on my back.
I worked my tongue up and around his shaft, sucking and licking in a way that I enjoyed.
I firmly sucked his head, licked the underside, and took him as deeply as I was able.
At first, there was no real taste — the shower had seen to that — but soon I detected a sweet, almost tangy flavor. Read Full Post…

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He must have had one ear on the passage way leading to the changing area as he stopped and pushed her behind the curtain just as the shop assistant came back into the room.
In a flustered, sweating state behind the curtain she stifled giggles as she heard him say, It’s getting quite hot in here and as seen as I’m going to be spending a large amount of money today, do you think you could go get us some refreshments. Wanthappines sex skype chat live.
It wasn’t a question.
When she’d been ushered away again he came behind the curtain into the dressing area.
Their bodies were close.
He dropped the items the attendant had just given him on the stool behind him.
He stood and watched as she slowly undressed in front of him, not stopping until she only had the drenched panties left.
He peeled them down slowly and held her steady, while her shaking body stepped out of them.
He pulled the price label off the back and put it in his pocket, then took the damp satin knickers and wrapped them around his rock hard shaft, before doing up Read Full Post…

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It did get worse when the backs of their legs were spanked vigorously and could do nothing about being reduced to crying babbling wrecks.
At last, though, the spankings did end and both grannies heard the order, Now get up, stand looking out of the hall with your hands on your heads.
It did take them a few moments to recover enough to get up but then Mabel and Janet obediently eased themselves up from the prefect’s laps and stood up, placing their hands on their heads whilst still sobbing, looking out at the huge audience of college girls’ teachers and visitors.
Their vision was still blurred but they did hear even more derogatory comments as well as giggles and laughter particularly from the college girls. Sex–bomb porno back chate.
It really was humiliating, particularly when it suddenly struck them that they both lived not too far away from the college and they were bound to see lots of the same college girls walking around the streets nearby.
Worse, they also realised how embarrassing it was going to be having the college girls pointing at them in the street and giggling, and, no doubt, making comments loudly enough for those who weren’t here today to understand that they had both been spanked so publicly.
Maybe that humiliation would help stop them stealing in future, they wondered.
Indeed, a humiliating punishment given in public was far more effective than a private one, they now knew.
Emma and Cathy were looking at the glowing red bottoms and tops of the legs knowing that the grannies Read Full Post…