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Doris found this very amusing but her stoker was getting irritated and business was business so she snatched his tenner and took him into the workroom and got busy.
Michele eventually decided on direct action and walked over to blackjack table and tapped Polly on the shoulder.
I’ll take it from here, Poll; you can take the rest of the night off if you like.
I know it’s been a long day, she smiled.
Polly glanced up at Michele.
I’m just fine, dear; why don’t you take the night off, she smiled back, but her eyes burned with impudence.
No, Polly, I’ll look after Lieutenant Winters, Michele hissed through gritted teeth.
Well, I believe you have once before, dear, but he seems quite content with my company Read Full Post…

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We have always had a great dining life, despite sticking to relatively vanilla foods.
I’m usually the one pushing for us to try delving into some more exotic meals together or going for that fourth course, but Jane usually declines.
I never was bothered, because I always figured she was completely satisfied with my straightforward cooking.
Sure, we stick to simple meals, but we do them better than anyone.
If she was happy with that, then so was I. Ahinoalatina stream yourself live nude.
That was, until a couple of weeks ago.
I was clearing out some attic space and preparing for us to pack up and move when I found a blank DVD among some of Jane’s forgotten boxes of stuff.
It was labeled ‘2006,’ which was a few years before we met.
I knew what I was doing was wrong, but Jane’s past was such a gray area to me that curiosity got the best of me.
I wish I had not seen what was on that DVD: a younger, more vibrant, and appetized Jane allowing herself to be filmed eating with another man.
I saw her sucking ferociously on his noodles, a food she would never Read Full Post…