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I was being hit by a huge wave of pleasure that carried me away.
I could hear myself moaning his name and then he pulled my hips up and flipped me onto my stomach, placing me on my hands and knees in front of him.
I felt his erection at the entrance of my tingling pussy and I couldn’t help but beg for more.
Please! He paused and I knew I had made a mistake.
Please what? I stopped and looked back at him, his eyes were twinkling at me.
I knew what he wanted me to say and I knew I was going to say it.
Please make love to me! Oh, Kat.
I’ll make love to you Read Full Post…

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The soft giggling gave away Donna and Kelly as they approached the campsite.
Both were buck naked, carrying both their towels and bikinis.
They shared a shower (as expected) and got good and clean.
Donna announced to all of us that Kelly was going to shave her pussy for her tomorrow morning.
The grin on Mark’s face was classic.
Since there was something for us to look forward to, we all called it a night.
I made a dishpan of hot water the next morning.
Donna sat on a towel on the end of the picnic table.
She brought along a new disposable razor.
I contributed the shaving cream.
Mark was cooking bacon and eggs on the campfire. Wonderwoman_1 live sex vidios.
I helped Kelly get Donna shaved.
We did very a thorough job, just as Donna had asked.
I had her leaning with elbows on the table with Kelly spreading her butt cheeks wide as I shaved some hairs off of her backside.
When Donna was declared completely hairless, we all ate breakfast.
Mark and Donna headed for another shower afterward to both get all of the loose hairs and shave cream off of her and to enjoy her new pussy.
We decided to go on a hike that afternoon.
It was a seven-mile trail around the lake.
We met up around two o’clock and off we went.
Mark and I were in front pretty much the whole time.
Kelly and Donna lagged behind giggling and laughing the whole time.
Mark said he owed me a thank Read Full Post…

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Wifey was on a night out with girlfriends from work, so I wasn’t worried about being caught.
Although I wasn’t masturbating as such, I did grip my warm flesh and give it the occasional tug.
Considering I’d taken the photos covertly, they weren’t bad.
The two close ups weren’t as good as I’d hoped, but that’s the price one pays for using the digital zoom on a telephone camera, instead of a real zoom lens on an old-fashioned SLR camera.
Mind you, I’d never have got the images if I’d had to use one Read Full Post…

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She told me she would draw me a map of a good route to run, where I would be safe.
She said she had to go back to the spa after the meal for a bit to look after a few last minute details for the grand opening.
The spa had actually been open for about a month to work out any bugs and get all the workers trained, but a big blowout was planned with newspaper coverage and local dignitaries in attendance.
A couple of the local business had given away Read Full Post…