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Peeking around the corner into the garage I saw that Mom had closed the garage door, so I didn‘t have to press the button and wait before heading out into the garage.
I was nude, so without closing the door the old ladies across the street, and the young ladies that lived next door to them, would have seen me.
Not being one to offend I’m always careful to check for this – though Dad forgets sometimes.
He’s always running in there for a tool or something.
Anyhow, I went to the back of Mom’s minivan and began unloading shopping bags.
Already I’d spotted the chips (yeah!) and they were my favorite kind, too.
Mom came out of the master bedroom a second later, and I could see she‘d disrobed.
Mom hates clothes and if the rest of the world were as open as our family I think she’d never wear them.
“Oh,” she said absently as she came into the kitchen and started to help me putting stuff away, “that damn bra was driving me crazy.
” “Yeah,” I joked, jibing her a little, “don’tcha just hate that?” “Smartass,” she laughed, swatting me playfully, “you can laugh, you never have to wear one. Virtlgoddess cum.
” “Oh, but I like to sometimes,” I kidded, drawing a big laugh from her.
We worked quietly for a few minutes then, and I was left with only my own thoughts to converse with.
Mostly, I was thinking about how to beat the next level in the video game I’d been playing.
But also, as Mom moved around the kitchen I found myself admiring her, and thinking thoughts I probably shouldn‘t.
Like, for instance, “man, how does Mom do it? Forty years old and she still looks great! Her figure is almost as good as Sis’s, and she’s a lot older, and has had kids.
Then Mom bent down to put some cans away in a lower cabinet, and I got a great look at her ass and pussy, which was even pulled open a little from the position she was in.
Man, I thought, what a great ass Mom has.
Oh well, I thought, and went back to my work.
Grabbing the bags of chips, and carefully setting one aside so Mom wouldn‘t notice, I reached up to put the rest in the high cupboard where they go.
It just so happened that to do that I needed to Read Full Post…

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Don’t get me wrong, she is an eleven on a scale of one to ten.
” Manny paused and tapped a finger on his beer bottle, then shrugged.
“I don’t know, guess she’s just not my type.
One of those things you know on instinct or whatever.
She’s all yours, big man.
” I scoffed and got another burger.
It was good to know Manny had no designs on Surfer Babe, but I wondered why he hadn‘t tried.
After lunch I stretched out on my towel and slept a while.
I woke up with sore muscles but was determined to surf some more.
I grabbed my board, put the leash around my ankle and went out into the water.
I kept my eyes ahead, scanning the water, but my senses were alert for Surfer Babe. Xxsuzzette88 Read Full Post…

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Work is exhausting so as much as she relishes the power she has at the office so equally she finds her ability to switch off at home positively relaxing and whilst being spanked and caned is painful the after spanking soreness is so sexual, erotic, desired, needed, and so necessary to keep her sane, alive.
Nina felt Mrs.
Bowman’s thighs tense and Nina knew the first spank was on its way.
Nina nearly came as the first spank hit home, Read Full Post…