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Opening her mouth she exhaled hot, moist air over his crotch and smiled to herself as she saw it twitch and grow slightly.
She kissed the shaft of his cock and squirmed as her pussy pulsated with need.
The wetness from her cunt began to soak through her underwear and slide down the back of her legs under her dress.
Lost completely in the moment she pulled her panties to one side and inserted a finger deep inside her glistening sex.
With lips parted she let out a soft moan pushing her face more firmly against her Daddy’s covered cock.
Her hips made tiny thrusting motions against her hand as her tongue worked it’s way up his shaft and back down to his balls completely dampening the front of his shorts.
Her eyes lit up in delight as the wet fabric hugged the shape of his cock, making it more definitive.
Oh how she loved his cock, especially when she was the cause for it being hard.
She admired the thickness of his member and how it pulsated with need as it grew.
Her admiration was short lived as she pressed her needy mouth against the firmness of his thickening erection once more. Luxxyshow free cam porno no singh up.
It such a sweet sensation that drove her pussy mad with want.
She closed her eyes as her teeth sought out and carefully nibbled at his sac.
She wanted him so badly.
Down her throat, in her womb, against her ass – she didn‘t care at this point; she was willing to risk breaking the rules in order to get his full attention.
Her fingers sped up inside her soaked little hole as she moaned against his inner thigh.
With her free hand she pulled at the elastic waistband of his shorts, watching with eager eyes as it slid lower and lower.
Suddenly the office chair slid back and Daddy’s hand grasped her wrist sharply twisting her arm.
He looked down with intense eyes, “Girl, what are you doing?” Her face turned a crimson red as she blushed deeply and slowly removed the finger from her cunt, absolutely mortified.
He rephrased the question,”What did I tell you about distracting me while I’m trying to work?” With eyes pointed towards the floor she pleaded her case.
“You told me to be quiet, I wasn‘t talking Daddy.
” He scoffed, “Are you back-talking me when you are already in a pickle of a situation?” She continued looking down at the floor defiantly, but with embarrassment.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist “Look at me and then answer me girl,” he demanded.
She looked up at him hesitantly.
“No Daddy, sorry Daddy.
” “That‘s what I thought,” he said standing to Read Full Post…

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Michele’s hair was mussed, her makeup smudged and smeared and her stockings laddered.
It would have been obvious to anyone what they had been doing behind the curtain.
Spike’s blood boiled when Steve whimsically stuffed a twenty-pound note into Michele’s cleavage and then pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly.
Michele lifted a heel as she kissed him back.
Spike was clenching his hands so tight with restrained rage and jealousy that his fingernails pierced his palms and a drop of blood fell to the deck.
To Be ContinuedThis is my first story and by all accounts mostly true with a bit of fantasy mixed in.
I live alone in a single home and work probably too much at times.
When I do have time to myself I prefer to spend it in the nude but having families around me I have to keep it inside or in the backyard.
One day I was in my backyard and it was hot so I had taken off my shirt when I heard something over the fence in my neighbor behind me.
This neighbor is divorced not quite the MILF you might think but while she’s not a 10 she is very beautiful. Butterfflyx usa seks.
I only talked to her a few times just normal things between neighbors.
I was about to shout over the fence my hello when I caught a glimpse through the fence boards of naked flesh so I went silent.
I crept over to the fence to get a better look and was surprised to see my neighbor totally naked rubbing lotion on her body.
I was only wearing my shorts and no underwear so I reached in and my cock was already more than half hard.
I stroked my cock looking through the fence watching my neighbor was making me harder than I had ever been before.
I hadn‘t yet seen between her legs but I’d always imagined she must’ve shaved.
I was not disappointed to say the least when she lay back and spread her legs.
Her beautiful pink center was juicy and moist as I continued to stroke my engorged member.
When she finally reached between her legs to run a finger through her lips I wished it was me doing it to her but I was scared.
As we continued to masturbate I swear I saw the moistness between her legs thicken and run down to the chair.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist She rubbed her pussy and tweaked her nipples till they were hard as a rock and could put an eye out.
Oh how I wished I could be the one to suckle those pebbles on her 34b breasts and slide my finger between the fold of her hot pussy.
It seemed like forever Read Full Post…