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And I’m watching you fake being here with one eye on the door.
This isn’t conversation, it’s just binary code without translation where your mimicry of sorrow showcases artless imitation.
And this is not happening – though I’m almost certain that I’m wrong, blind to the landscape; I’ve treaded water way too long.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Those aren’t tears you’re shedding; they’re just flotsam of relief at an ending that feels more like my inhumane defeat but this isn’t a game we’re playing when it’s clearly something I can’t win.
And those are clichés, dear – it’s not you, it’s me – and of course, I am not him.
This isn’t anger, it’s just a simple listing of the facts.
I won’t be begging you to stay here and you’re not bothering to ask.
So that’s not guilt you say you’re feeling so much as a mannerism stole – but this is my heart broken and a truce that cannot hold.
I’m a crossdresser in Read Full Post…

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I had little to no facial or body hair, except for the bright red hair on my head and pubic bush, and my soft cock looked huge on my rather effeminate body.
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Steve approached the first door slowly.
With his sword at the ready, he kicked the door open and marched in.
Nothing in here, he said as he came back out onto the landing.
He moved to the next door and repeated the process until all but one door had been opened.
He took a deep breath as he kicked the final door open.
Like the previous rooms, this one was also clear.
However this room had a huge double bed in the middle of it.
Steve closed the door behind them as Alyssa sat on the bed.
They were both in silence, listening to the storm outside as the night drew in.
Steve moved over to the bed.
He kissed her forehead as he sat down next to her.
She raised her head slightly, forcing his lips to meet hers.
Their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Read Full Post…