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An older man walking along the beach whistled at the couple in appreciation.
Madelyn had never seen anyone having sex in public, and she feasted her eyes on the show until it was over.
When she lay back down, she wondered if she should take off her bikini as well.
She’d never been nude in public but the sun was so warm, and she was hidden.
She could try it and no one here would care.
Plus, the bonus was that she wouldn‘t get tan lines.
It didn‘t take much to convince herself to go for it.
Untying the strings around her neck and back, Read Full Post…

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Dress more provocatively at home (I had seen her in her usual worn pants and old blouses) I then told Jean, if she wanted to get John interested in her again, she needed to take charge of their love life.
Concentrate on her good points, and try to work on her weaker qualities.
I told her, Bring back the pretty, sexy girl he married.
Since she always seemed busy with the kids, I told her, Have the kids spend the night at their grand parentshome a couple times a month.
On those nights, you needed to ‘date‘ your husband, even if you didn’t leave home.
She still looked great, and I knew John would be interested in her if she showed Read Full Post…