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She soon had Rick slowly thrusting in and out of the her mouth.
All the while she continued washing Rick’s ass and legs.
When she finished washing Rick, she stood, and he again wrapped his strong arms around her.
With the cool water splashing over them, rinsing any remaining soap away, Rick passionately kissed Sandy again.
She eagerly yielded when his tongue began exploring her mouth.
At the same time, Rick began firmly fondling Sandy’s tits.
He squeezed firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her.
He then gently pinched her nipples.
Sandy gave an approving moan as Rick squeezed her tits.
Rick’s pinch of her nipples caused Sandy to thrust her chest toward him. Ucmsur video chat mobile porn.
Nibbling on her ears and kissing her neck, Rick continued fondling and pinching Sandy’s tits and let a hand slide down her belly to her bare pussy.
Rick thrilled at the way her freshly shaved pussy felt.
Her pubic mound was so soft and smooth.
Her nether lips were swollen.
Sandy quickly Read Full Post…