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I smiled at the two strangers.
They were obviously shocked by my obedience.
‘God, you said she was hot but I didn’t expect this.
’ The taller of the clients got out of his seat and leaned in for a closer look.
‘Look at those tits, those lips, they must feel amazing wrapped around your cock?’ He looked me over like a piece of meat, as though I couldn’t hear him.
Andrew’s response was muted, he raised his eyebrows in a gesture that didn’t exactly disagree with the client, but made it clear I was just a toy he paid little attention to.
As per my instructions I posed upon the table for them.
I started by leaning on my elbows and grazing the table with my breasts, the angle pushing my naked ass up for easier viewing.
When I was sure they’d all enjoyed that pose I turned over to lie on my back, stretching my legs straight up and holding my knees wide apart Read Full Post…

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Plus, some adult coloring books and crayons.
There are tears in my eyes as I run, well toddle as fast as I can, to you.
I hug you and kiss you and thank you.
Oh, you like your new desk, do you? you ask me.
I had the carpenters working on our house make that as your first piece of new furniture.
We’ll put it in the living room facing my den, so we can see each other as we work.
I look you in the eyes and tell you Thank you Read Full Post…