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He ran his hands down her front, and the size of her breasts surprised him.
“Wow,” he breathed.
“I know,” Wednesday said, wiggling her chest for him a little, “the dark adds a few sizes.
Do that a little more.
” “Can we get a little update, Justin?” one of the guys asked from the wall.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker WhitelistMake ’em sweat a while,” Wednesday whispered, “and don’t be shy with me.
I want to be royally felt up.
In a minute I’m going to turn on the light, but you and I are going to be invisible.
” “What? You’re going to turn the light on?” “Shut up and trust me. Jassinda ts cams.
I changed the bulbs.
And fucking get a hand down my pants.
I’ve been waiting for you for days.
” Justin ran his hand down her belly and found a way to slip his hand under the robe.
He caressed the skin of her stomach, then pushed a hand down inside Wednesday’s bikini bottoms.
“Ohh yes.
Do you feel that? That‘s my pussy saying a big wetHello.
‘ Push it in a little more.
That feels incredible.
” Justin could hear the breathing of his friends and the girls in the room changing.
Everyone was getting pretty cranked up when Wednesday pulled Justin by the hand over next to the door.
Okay, lights on, guys!” and she flipped the switch with a loud snap.
“Shit!” came from the guys side and there was some frantic scrambling before they realized that it was still dark, but their hands were glowing.
Justin found he was looking over at the girls’ place when the ultraviolet bulbs came on.
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They felt right.
His possible wife-to-be looked down at him without expression.
His heart stopped.
With her serious expression, straight posture, and planted feet Alex was imperious, despite being naked.
Sweat broke out down Kevin’s back.
He couldn’t read the thoughts behind that mask.
Alexandra was in shock, but she managed to pull a poker face.
She concentrated on the ring to escape the gravity of the situation.
The gold band had a modern design, geometric but feminine, set with a clear emerald, their shared birthstone.
The rock would set off her eyes nicely.
She’d bet it was his design, it looked custom.
This was completely unexpected.
Was he doing this now because of what happened today? No, custom rings take time to make.
He must have planned this a month or more ago.
Was he capable of rational thought after a day like today? Would he regret it later? No, the question was asked of her and it was for her to answer.
He asked the most intimate question possible.
Do you love him, and do you want him forever? She knew the answer.
“Kevin Shipley,” she said seriously. Carolinew ngentot dowlod free fideo.
She could not resist pausing.
Kevin, turned green, squirming, waiting on her.
“I love you.
I respect you.
I accept who you are.
” He looked suddenly more hopeful.
It was really cute.
She held out her left hand to him.
“Yes, I will marry you.
” He slid the ring on then quickly let it go, as if she might take it back.
Alex sat up and pushed Kevin gently onto the hard tile floor, straddling his thighs as he lay back passively.
She extended her arm, looking at the ring sparkling on her finger.
She showed it to him.
From his reclined position, Alexandra looked like a conquering queen to Kevin.
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