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The sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills your bedroom.
” “Don’t stop, Dan.
” The whispered plea told me enough.
Knowing she was close helped me restrain myself, but I wouldn‘t be able to hold out much longer.
Determined to make her cum before I shot my load — and wishing I was an actual participant in what I was narrating — I tried slowing my motion.
However, my need to cum proved to be strong and I struggled to keep control.
“I give it to you, hard and relentless, just as you like it.
Our eyes, like our bodies, locked in a battle of wills Read Full Post…

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Then I saw you with your boyfriend and that changed things.
We could both have you.
I thought about it for a while and finally discussed it with Sol, and he’s got no objections.
Of course, now that we’re lovers, you have to be with both of us.
I laughed and said, Okay, that’d be great.
It’s like getting a Christmas present and then getting a present for the day after Christmas.
I’ll take your word for it, she smiled, and we laughed.
Where is Sol? He’s off with Anita.
We agreed that if you’re amenable, you’ll spend the night with us tomorrow.
Good, because I have a lot of lust to burn through with you before then.
Haven’t you been emptying it out all this time? I laughed, Off and on.
It’s been off recently.
Well, get started.
That’s what I’m here for.
She had been playing with me, and when I was hard enough to penetrate her she pushed me onto my back and expertly mounted me.
Do you like my body? she asked.
Even my saggy tits? Your tits are beautiful.
And my plump belly? Plump but firm.
It looks healthy enough to take everything I could give it. Pinkpussycat local naked pics.
You certainly gave me a pounding.
What else do you like about my body? Your hips.
They’re nice and rounded and match your tits.
They make me want to grab them and hold on tight for a hard ride.
Truth in advertising.
And you’re a beautiful woman.
Very beautiful.
Thank you.
She was moving at an easy rhythm forwards and backwards by then and asked, Not into skinny women, huh? They have their fine points, sure, but you know, some of them look so delicate that they’d never be able to take my weight.
She laughed and said, You sound like Sol.
Anita’s tall and skinny.
Sol’s a leg man so she has Read Full Post…

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I couldn‘t care less if anyone knew what was going on at this point; I was in that zone where the physical is all that matters.
I pulled his hand to my lips, licking my own cum off his fingers and sucking them as I wanted to do to his throbbing cock.
Use two.
“I moaned, and he thrust two fingers deep inside me.
“Oh god.
harder,” I begged him.
He pulled my leg over his own and leaned over me, breathing hard like he had just run a mile.
My top was down to my waste, the lower part was up to my waste, my panties were off and he was fingering my pussy and sucking my breast.
He pulled up off my nipples.
“I love your pussy,” he said.
The juices were gushing out of me.
He went faster, making that motion with his fingers that says, “This is how to fuck,” sending wave after wave of pleasure through me.
I buried my face in his shoulder, stifling cries of ecstasy.
The waves started building.
“I’m going to go off, oh god, oh god,” I cried.
I didn‘t care who heard me.
I suddenly reached the peak, that explosion of incredible feeling like nothing else in the world. Amazingdeea without registrationon line chatting with hot girls.
I bit his neck hard as it happened.
It subsided, and my hand went back to his cock.
I had rubbed myself a few times when I got horny thinking about a guy or a guy with his cock out, and had a few small orgasm, but what Danny Read Full Post…

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But first, you need to help me take this off.
” And she turned around so Justin could untie the back of the swimsuit.
when it fell away, it was like she was wearing a black version of the same suit, the fabric had masked the spray.
He was oddly disappointed that now that her breasts were naked, he couldn‘t see them at all.
He let his hands fall to the bikini bottoms and removed them.
Describe what that feels like,” Justin stood behind Wednesday and whispered in her ear, “to be both naked and clothed at the same time.
” He ran his hands across her belly and up over her naked breasts for the first time.
Her nipples responded beautifully to his touch. Lynxeyes online live chat with girls.
The part of me that wants to hide and the part of me that wants to show off are fighting each other.
It makes me a little afraid and incredibly turned on.
I had more plans- with all kinds of paints and stuff, but honestly, I think I just want to improvise with you.
” “I agree.
Let me do something first.
You look fantastic, but the faceless look is a little weird.
Let me paint a mask on you and we’ll go from there.
” The paints, it turned out, were already laid out on the left side of the Read Full Post…