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Nina got to the bedroom and was none the wiser so focussed on Mrs.
Bowman’s instruction and quickly undressed, taking off her expensive business suit and blouse, then her silk bra and finally stepping out of her silk knickers.
All vestiges of power were gone as she stood naked knowing the humiliation of being spanked was to come.
With a sigh Nina slipped on the nightie, looked at the school type knickers and making the conscious decision to leave them off as they looked cheap and nasty and wouldn’t be on for long anyway.
Nina noticed the high backed chair at the desk was already turned in to the room and reckoned that is where Mrs.
Bowman will sit to take her across her lap.
Maybe she will have to bend over and grasp the seat to be caned.
Nina walked over and faced the wall putting her hands on her head and waited, knowing the nightie had risen up above her bottom which would be fully on display when Mrs.
Bowman came in to the bedroom.
She knew her bottom was still very red but Mrs.
Bowman won’t mind she thought.
Ten minutes later Nina was wet with anticipation as she faced the wall and had even rubbed her pussy a few times to heighten her arousal. Nudeerika chat arab mobil wab cam.
The door opened and Nina still facing the wall took a deep breath when Mrs.
Bowman announced sharply, Nice red bottom Nina.
Well you can take the nightie off now.
I see you don’t have any knickers on already Nina, so that saves time I suppose.
Yes Mrs.
Bowman, Nina replied smiling at the wall, feeling quite relaxed even though she would soon be put across Mrs.
Bowman’s lap for another spanking.
It was afterwards she was looking forward to.
Nina quickly pulled the nightie over her head.
Bowman stood behind Nina and said to the back of her head, I am going to turn your bottom much much redder Nina, and then even redder still whilst you cry. Read Full Post…

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In fact, we were a wreck and I’d wrecked us.
The ruins of the breakfast he’d prepared lay on the tiny round kitchen table between us.
We’d wolfed it down in tense silence.
I picked a hard bacon crumb off my plate, waiting.
Matthew’s calm, placid visage left me no clues of what to expect next.
You didn’t plan on getting caught with two dicks in you? He said, evenly.
Or you didn’t plan on the consequences? The ‘consequences’ had been rather spectacularly rough. Virginiatv free live sex talk.
After Matthew threw the two boys out, he gave me what I Read Full Post…