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You wait expectantly for the other wrist to be freed, but instead, he stands you upright with your right wrist still restrained.
You feel him sit down on the side of the bed and then pull your naked body over his lap.
You know exactly what his next plan for you is now.
He glides his hand up and down your back and smooth ass.
He leans over and tells you that it is time for him to spank you wet.
You feel his fingertips stroking back and forth gently across your ass cheeks before they lift off of you.
There is a long pause.
You bite your lip as you lay across his lap.
Your ass muscles clenched.
And then you feel it.
His hand comes down sharply on one cheek of your ass – SLAP.
The sting sends a jolt through your body.
You are still processing this new sensation when his hand comes down again with another stinging spank.
And another.
And another.
You feel your ass cheeks grow hot under his hand.
Every fifth spank is followed by one soothing stroke with his fingertips.
Your pussy is streaming wetness down his bare thighs. Millagrass canada webcam.
When both cheeks are fire engine red and stinging he reaches down between your legs and rubs his fingers up and down your wet pussy lips.
Your sticky juices coating his fingers He spreads your ass cheeks with one hand, exposing your tight, wrinkled asshole.
With the other, he pulls wetness up from your pussy to coat it.
With one hand now working your pussy and ass, his other slides up your back and your neck where is fingers slide along your scalp.
He grabs a handful of your hair tightly in his hand and starts to pull while plunging two fingers into your sopping, wet cunt, his thumb circling your tight asshole.
He leans over you and lets a strand of saliva drip from his mouth directly onto your asshole.
You feel it land with a soft plop.
He takes his time circling your tight hole with his thumb.
Spreading his spit over and in you.
He presses gently, massaging and relaxing the tight ring of muscle.
He makes half circles now.
You moan as he stimulates all the nerve endings in your asshole.
With a push his thumb slides inside you now.
Three fingers in your pussy and his thumb in your ass.
He moves his thumb, making circles inside your ass making you moan again.
More cum leaks out of you and around his fingers.
He pulls his thumb out and lines up his hand up so that his index finger presses against your asshole while his middle and ring fingers rest just outside your pussy.
With one, smooth movement he slides them all inside you.
Three fingers now, penetrating you.
Filling you.
His left hand pulls harder on your hair. Annaboobss live sex granny chat free no sign up.

Annaboobss live sex granny chat free no sign up.
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