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Kostya chose me, Misha – Galka.

Nikolai sat in a chair, watching the two pairs. Kostya gently stroked my back, crawled under the top and down to the ass, pressed and kissed the neck.

Misha frankly paw Galka breasts, slipping his hand under her blouse. Nick some time watching us, and then gave the order:
– Knights of turning women, sorry, give back to him, facing me. – Guys, follow the instructions and the “ladies” were facing, sitting in a chair, Nick. – Lay down his hand on the ladies – Kostya pinched my hairs between her legs, Misha there stroked Galka – tuck one (only one, guys) phalanx his lady in the hole and begins to fuck her in time with my account. Nude sexi indian vedio.

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