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Lisa’s bright red lips, lipstick smudged and messed, parted into a selfsatisfied smile.
I had a lovely time thanks, my love.
Lisa looked and sounded as if that was all she was going to say, but she seemed to think again, adding with a teasing grin, My date was the perfect gentleman.
‘A perfect gentleman’, my ass.
A perfect gentleman wouldn’t have screwed the hell out of my beautiful wife, the mother of my children, on a first date.
A perfect gentleman wouldn’t have impaled a woman he knew to be married on as much of his huge cock as she could take.
And then when she couldn’t take any more, used his big muscles to push with all his strength until she’d taken the last two fat inches of his cock. Griseldaxx foto sex tante usa.
Putting them heaven knows where in her ruined little pussy.
A perfect gentleman wouldn’t have banged a wife and mother relentlessly until she gave up more orgasms in one evening than she normally enjoyed in a month with her poor husband.
So, yeah, I wasn’t sure ‘a perfect gentleman’ was the right description for Lisa’s date.
Mister Carlos.
Mister Gangbanger with the tats, the muscles and the buzz of bad boy danger.
My brain felt like an overloaded circuit board as it tried to process all of these thoughts about Carlos ‘the perfect gentleman’ – at the same time as my tired and recently sleeping eyes took in all the details of Lisa’s appearance.
The way her make-up, so perfect and carefully applied when she’d kissed me goodbye, was now smudged and ruined by several hours of hungry male attention.
The way my wife’s large 34D boobs pressed braless against the thin fabric of her yellow mini dress. Angellove201 online sexvedeo malayalam.

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