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I stopped there and used my tongue on his shaft and tried to get a breath in.
I went down farther another half an inch or so and moaned in ecstasy as his shaft was close to being in my throat.
I looked up at Stan and his looked like he couldn’t believe what was happening.
I rose up and looked at him.
Am I your slut, Stan? Am I your cock sucking bitch? Tell me what I am baby.
Stan got the message and told me Shut up you fucking whore and suck my cock! I was getting so hot I could barely stand it.
I honestly felt like a woman with a very wet pussy, I wanted cock so bad, I couldn’t stand it.
I took my mouth opened it wide and took at least six inches of his cock in my mouth.
I could still feel part of my hand at the base of his cock, so his dick was probably 8 to 9 inches.
I shoved my mouth down farther and her Stan gasp.
Fuck, that feels so good.
I have never been blown like that.
Take it all! He said.
I went up for air and moaned as loud as I could as I attacked his huge cock again with my mouth.
I took as much as I could and I felt his cock touch the back of my mouth. Sexybo27 female models nude.
I slid my mouth sideways and let his cock go down my throat a tiny bit at a time.
I kept swallowing and trying not to gag, I was determined to take it all in.
I sucked a little bit of air and then I went down a little further and his cock was buried in my mouth.
I slowly raised my mouth about two inches got some air and went down again a little faster than last time.
I could only imagine what this looked like; I had 8 inches of cock buried in my mouth and wanted the world to see me.
I sucked loudly on his cock and raised myself up.
Don’t stop! he said as I raised my mouth up and left his cock there.
I am almost ready to cum.
I motioned him to stay still and I could see he was almost passed out as I got off the couch.
He started to doze off as I reached into my bag and brought out an extra long condom, my small dildo and my KY Jelly.
I lubed my asshole up thoroughly and came back to the bed.
I could see his cock was a little softer than when I left so I started stroking it with my left hand as I put the dildo in my ass with my right.
I could feel my ass stretching out as the dildo slipped into my ass.
I pulled it out dropped in on the floor and then I whispered in Stan’s ear.
Honey, it’s my time of the month, but I am going to take care of you all right? Sure honey.
He said.
But I felt I was losing him to sleep due to all the alcohol I slipped off my panties and started sucking his cock to get it hard again.
I slipped the condom on his cock and then I climbed back and straddled his waist with my back to him. Lapusikiriha free webcam sites without registering.

Lapusikiriha free webcam sites without registering.
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