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He asks.
I need to blindfold you and then I will show you a surprise, I explain as my father’s brows fuse together.
What are you planning to do, Erica? Nothing much, but can you just do it for me? Please Daddy? I beg.
He lets out his breath and nods.
I blindfold my father and he simply sits on the chair while waiting for my next move.
I take off my shorts and my t-shirt.
I have made up my mind that I will tell Daddy what I want and what I need.
I am resolute to seduce him today and face the consequences of my actions after this.
I nervously walk in front of him in my pink thong and my see-through pink push up bra.
I am trying to convince myself that it is okay to want to have sex with my father.
I want him so much that I am trembling as I stand facing him.
I know I have to do something really soon, if not I will lose this opportunity.
I tell my father that he will get his surprise soon and he nods with his blindfold on.
I hold my father’s shoulders and I am so nervous that my fingers tremble as they touch the cotton material of my father’s shirt. Suckmynipples ipad free private chat sex.
I hold his shoulders firmly and ease my near-naked self onto his lap.
I cannot imagine how he will react if he can see his seventeen-yearold teenage daughter in her thong and see-through bra sitting, straddling him.
I let out a shaky breath and I get my face nearer to his face.
I have imagined it many times and I feel so giddy with what I am about to do.
I move my arms and circle his body and bring my chest closer to him.
My body feels so aroused and I can feel my pussy pumping more and more of my juices.
I then kiss my father’s lips lightly.
He flinches a little but he does not protest.
I then lick his lower lip, suckle the lip lightly and stick my tongue deep into his mouth.
Erica! What are you doing! He suddenly yells, stands up and takes off the blindfold while I fall on the kitchen floor with tears now streaming down my face.
What are you doing and what are you wearing? He asks.
I want you Daddy.
Please fuck me! I blurt out.
Are you crazy? Yes I am! I am crazy about you Daddy! I want you so bad.
Please fuck me! I beg and my heart aches when I see the pained look on his face.
this is sick! He says and I can feel tears now spilling more and more.
Please Daddy.
Is it wrong for me to want you? I have never wanted anything so bad.
I dream about you everyday.
I crave for you every day.
Please Daddy.
I need you.
I continue to beg.
This is ridiculous! I’m going out.
He says and turns towards the back door.
I quickly block his way with my body.
He freezes and his eyes move up and down my body. Hotdolls live sex chat without loggin.

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