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Sandy, we can’t do this, I told her.
Oh yes we can.
In fact you have wanted this since the first time you saw me.
I would also bet you’ve jerked off many times to the image of my naked body, after you walked in on me that morning at your house , she stated.
The whole time she was talking, she continued stroking my cock slowly back and forth.
I just stood there letting her do it, as she knew I would.
I was getting hard as steel from her actions.
She pushed me back towards a recliner I have sitting in my small living area.
It was kind of funny — the recliner was the only piece of furniture I kept from the house after my divorce.
I landed on the recliner, and she followed me down to wind up on her knees in front of me.
Sandy, no! I said.
Oh yes Sam, you know you want me too, she replied.
With that she bent down and licked across the head of my cock with her tongue.
I jumped, but at the same time pushed my cock towards her mouth.
She knew she had me — not much I could do about it, because I’d wanted her so bad, for so long. Iammery live sex chat now.
She leaned a little further, and took the head in her mouth, running her tongue along the underside of the head.
I let out the moan I had been suppressing right up to that moment.
She slowly worked more of my cock into her mouth, always licking along the shaft.
I was having a hard time controlling myself, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop her either.
She finally had me all the way in her mouth, and was working up and down my shaft.
She would pull back off my cock to the head, and tongue my little hole.
Her doing this was driving me crazy! After teasing a bit she would slide back down the shaft, to take me deeply.
I reached out with my hand and ran it through her hair, gathering a handful of her dark locks in my fist, pulling her down on me further.
I had finally surrendered to my situation.
Oh god, that feels so good Sandy, I moaned out to her, as she took me deeper in her mouth, towards her throat.
I pulled her head down a bit harder by her hair, and felt my cock sliding into her throat.
She gasped and gagged as I went down her throat.
Out of reflex, she tried to pull back, but I held her there for a moment before letting her.
She pulled my cock all the way out of her mouth to catch a breath of air.
I never took a cock into my throat like that before.
I loved the way that felt! How did it feel to you? she asked.
Oh, baby that felt wonderful! You sure know how to suck a guy, I replied.
Oh, I want to try that again, Sam, she said.
With that she went back down on me quickly, taking me deep into her mouth. Sexpleasure34 sex garlshd videos.

Sexpleasure34 sex garlshd videos.
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