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I’ve been screaming your name in my head all day.
You‘ve just finished giving me an earthshattering orgasm with your very talented mouth, and now I’m straddling you.
My hands are in your hair, my tongue is in your mouth, and my hot, wet pussy is grinding against your cock.
You feel so damned good , so hard and slick with my juices.
I could take you inside me in half a second, fill myself with your hard shaft to the hilt and ride you until you scream.
I have other plans, though.
I grip your hair and pull your head back.
My mouth kisses down your chin to the strong column of your neck, where my teeth score the skin and my tongue soothes the sting.
I work my way to your ear and say, It’s my turn, lover.
Slowly, I slide myself down your body, taking my time on the way down.
My mouth is having a field day, tracing over your chest to your nipple.
I lick and nibble, loving the way you gasp and squirm.
Your hands are trailing along my back, short fingernails scraping lightly over my dewy skin and inciting my lust, drawing out a long, low moan. Akiss20 lesbian anal cum.
I move lower, my hands and tongue passing over your abs.
Your cock is pressed to my breasts, and I squeeze them together to capture you there.
My juices are still on you and you slide easily in the soft confines.
I pump against you once, twice.
Your groans are intoxicating.
All I want is to hear more.
I move further down and come face to face with your cock.
You’re beautiful, with your perfect mushroom head and the straight, proud length that begs for my touch, my kiss.
God, you smell like me.
That’s so fucking sexy.
My tongue snakes out and takes a long, lazy lick from the base to the tip and back down.
You’re divine! I moan against you, and my mouth opens, taking you in.
You fill me up and I’m in heaven.
I suck and tongue at you like you’re the most delicious delicacy I’ve ever tasted.
You taste like me, and then you taste like the salty pre-cum oozing from your slit.
I hear your moans mingling with mine, your breathing fast and shallow.
Your hands move gently into my hair, and you hold me to you.
It’s completely unnecessary; I’m not going anywhere.
I keep sucking and tonguing at you, taking you deeper and deeper.
Then, just as you touch the back of my throat, I relax the muscles there and take you further.
You gasp and your hips buck.
I feel your hands tighten in my hair and you start thrusting into my mouth.
I fucking love it.
I feel like I’m about to come and you’re nowhere near my pussy.
I want you to pump into my mouth until you shoot your salty load down my throat. Sexycouple46 fun free chat rooms.

Sexycouple46 fun free chat rooms.
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