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Squirming like that, she sent Lisa over the edge too.
Lisa’s moaning turned to screaming and she clawed her nails into Mel’s sweaty skin as she came.
Both girls orgasmed multiple times! Their keenness on each other was released in a mutual masturbation frenzy I hadn‘t witnessed before.

For many minutes they went on like two ferocious animals until their climaxes finally subsided.
God bless the female body! They lay there, wet and exhausted, still breathing hard from the sexual tempest. Elenne free dirty cams no sign up.
Slowly Mel turned toward me and said in her sweetest voice, “Would you like to make love to me now?” I couldn‘t believe she was still ready for more.
We started kissing and I caressed her wet pussy with my hard cock.
She pushed me in slowly, enjoying every inch of it.
I could barely feel the texture of her skin, so wet was she.
I began moving slow and deep inside her and along her upper rim.
Her eyes were half closed and she was in pure sexual bliss.
Lisa moved toward us and inserted her index finger into Mel as well. Sweetandflow ero web cam.

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