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Now that my anger is dissipated, I really do feel nauseous.
What just happened? I’ve never been so angry with him before, or him with me I’m sure.
And though in the moment I wanted him badly, I feel guiltily uneasy now.
My palm is still stinging from where I slapped him.
I need to leave.
Without another word I stand up, my legs the consistency of jelly, and find my pants.
Our eyes are locked as I pull up my black panties and jeans. Allishalove live private sex chat.
He looks like he wants to say something, but says nothing.
I feel even more sick as I slip on my Pumas.
I see him stand as I walk out of the kitchen and notice red on his back.
Many deep, dark, parallel lines taint his skin, and I snap my face forward, biting my lip hard.
I scratched him to shit.
I see my key ring on the floor by the door where I must have dropped them before I was assaulted.
I snag them and hear Ethan behind me.
You’re leaving? Yes.
I glance over my shoulder at him shamefully.
Why do you feel like you need to run away? he asks bluntly, and he looks nervous. Analfst no sign up cam sex.

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