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From then on we kept it during the week until the weather turned cooler.
We met over winter once a week for dinner and then took turns at each other’s houses.
Sometimes while out at dinner Chrissy and I would come in short skirts with no underwear and low cut tops.
We would purposely drop things on the floor so we could reach down to pick them up revealing our breasts, or sit with our legs apart so we could show Paul our wet pussies. Paulaworld canada hot adult chat no sign up.
Sometimes we noticed onlookers enjoying the show as well which got us right in the mood for the sex to follow.
It didn’t feel quite the same at home as being exposed outside but it was still hot and we could introduce new devices like hooking up a video camera to the large TV and watching the action as we played.
On the odd occasion we even showed ourselves off live on the same dating site where Chrissy and Paul had first met.
We had many followers.
So that’s the end of my story, well not quite the end as we are still all having sex together and tomorrow is the start of spring once again and time to meet at our secret location. Coolgirlkiss free gay video chat for tablet.

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