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Qafira recalled her previous female lovers, and couldn’t recall one whose nipples would have been nearly as much a mouthful as Fanny’s.
Each present was opened by Fanny, who would first of all announce who had given her the present and then open it to delighted whoops and gales of laughter.
Qafira became increasingly aware that she seemed to have been the only guest not to have brought Fanny a wrapped present, though it did cross her mind how strange it was that the guests seemed amazingly well apprised as to exactly what Fanny might want.
How did Mr Merton, the Chemistry teacher, know that Fanny wanted a pair of purple trainers with air-filled soles? Qafira whispered into Mrs Doyle’s ear.
It’s all on the birthday list, dear.
Birthday list? This is the first time Qafira had heard of anything like that.
And why hadn’t she received one? She wanted to ask Mrs Doyle more, but her hostess chose that moment to stand up and stand by her daughter.
Well, everyone… she announced to the assembled guests.
We’ve all had a very good time, haven’t we? The guests agreed. Larissamoonx live chat with sexy indian girl.
Hear! Hear! Splendid! Wonderful! And Fanny here is very grateful for all her presents, aren’t you dear? Fanny nodded.
She was already eating some chocolates she’d got as a gift, but she swallowed the truffle and smiled.
It was wonderful! I especially liked the Grant Grifter CD! Thanks Mr Grenville.
An elderly teacher in a tweed jacket that could never button across his chest visibly blushed.
And Tracey got me such a beautiful necklace.
It’s gonna look good on my new twinset.
Tracey laughed.
It’ll look good on whatever you wear.
And it’ll look good even when you’re in bed! Everyone laughed.
Except Qafira, who was not sure she quite understood what was meant.
She was even more puzzled when Fanny replied promptly: And don’t you already know all about that, sweetest! And this invoked even more laughter and few ribald guffaws.
But now comes the serious part of the evening, announced Mrs Doyle when the laughter had subsided.
Now Fanny’ll choose who the lucky one’s going to be the one whose present to my darling daughter is wrapped not so much in paper and ribbon but in his or her own flesh.
Some of you might have already guessed who it might be, but for those who haven’t there’s going to be a big surprise.
Mrs Doyle smiled broadly.
So, Fanny, sweetheart.
Who’s the lucky one? Why, Qafira, of course! Fanny announced with a jump and an enthusiastic clap of her hands.
There may well have been other guests who were as surprised as Qafira that she was the chosen one, but the teacher had no idea who they could be. Kinkynasty1 chat with pornstar without loging in.

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