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They headed back down the alley towards the street and turned the corner to the pub Maria worked in.
As they walked in the door, one of the other girls spotted Maria first.
“Oh my God! Maria, honey, what happened!” she cried out.
Her panicked voice brought the bartender quickly around the bar as well.
“Maria, sweetie, are you all right?” the bartender asked.
Four men shoved me into the alley.
God knows what they were going to do to me.
But I’m okay, thanks to Jimmy here.
He came by and took care of those thugs!” she explained.
“Well we owe this young man a big thank you then, and a drink is a good start! What would you like – Jimmy is it?” “Yes Sir.
Jimmy Laughlin.
And I’ll just have a beer if that’s okay.
” “A beer it is then.
Alice, why don’t you get our friend here his beer.
And make sure his glass doesn‘t get empty until he leaves.
” “Right away, boss,” she said smiling.
She put her hand on his arm as she was leaving, “Thank you.
Maria is a sweet girl and a dear friend.
Thank you for stepping up,” she smiled, and left to get his beer. Coverme www withusaporn net.
The bartender shook Jimmy’s hand, thanking him as well and then went back to his bar after making sure that Maria was all right one last time.
“We can sit here if you like,” Maria said, pointing to a little out of the way table in the corner.
“That would be just fine,” he said.
They went over to the table and he pulled out her chair, seated her, and adjusted it back in for her.
She looked up and smiled at his courtesy.
The two of them sat there enjoying their drinks and conversation.
He learned that she had practically grown up in this little town, having moved here when she was just a kid.
She found out he was an ex Navy SEAL and that he had recently gotten out of the military and was now looking for work.
“I was wondering how you took care of those four men,” she said, “I was so worried when you showed up.
I was scared that you were going to get hurt or worse trying to help me.
I’m glad you didn‘t,” she said, looking at him, then looking down at her fidgety hands.
“No, I wasn‘t worried.
I’ve been in a lot worse scrapes than that and with a lot more at stake than just getting my ass kicked,” he said.
“I’m sure you have.
But I’d rather not know.
I’m just glad you are here now,” she said.
“You are?” “Yes, very much,” she said, looking up at him and smiling softly.
“Well I’m glad I was here too.
I’ve always been a sucker for a damsel in distress!” he said, with a playful grin.
They finished their drinks as they talked.
It was getting late and Maria finally said, “Jimmy, I want to thank you once more for coming along and helping me. Salomeandsally live sex cam 4.

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