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And I will start removing your rewards and adding punishments.
Is that clear?” Mistress has a sternness in her voice that makes Ashley petrified of upsetting her.
“Yes, Mistress.
The cover over her cage is lifted off and she sees she’s in a smaller room than before.
It has dark stone and metal walls, and a concrete floor. Shaniadav xxxbonga videos com.
Mistress stands in front of her.
She wears very tall black heels and a black skirt.
She has a comfortable looking black bra on as well.
Hello slut,” Mistress teases, from outside the cage.
She walks around to the side of the cage and locks her ankles to the back of the cage corners.
“I bet you are very hungry right now, aren‘t you?” As the word ‘hunger’ leaves Mistress’ lips, Ashley can feel her stomach rumble. Honeybutt69 brazzer usa.

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