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You know, milk teeth falling out, your shape changing as you grow older, puberty, all that stuff.
I guess it was in my teens, too.
When I tried telling people they thought I was mad.
Sometimes, I was taken to see a psychiatrist.
But what I discovered was that pretty soon after I told people, they seemed to forget.
The people I’d told, my parents, my friends, my teachers, just didn’t have the same memories as I did.
Eventually, I realised that it was the Quentin who I’d been before and who lived with my confessions who’d have to live with the consequences of it, not me.
It was like I could start afresh every day.
Indeed, I discovered I could do whatever I fucking liked and I’d never have to worry about living with more than the memory of it.
Me too! exclaimed Vivienne, drawing on her cigarette.
It’s so fucking liberating! In fact, I’ve done things several times, just because I knew I could.
I stripped naked in a pub.
Just because I could.
I sucked a stranger’s cock in public because I knew I wouldn’t have to suffer for it. Pusheencat xhamster chat.
I’ve had sex with anyone I fancied.
Quentin raised his eyebrows.
Well… he remarked, I’ve been a bit bolder than I might have been.
Like I’ve been with you, you know, approaching an attractive woman knowing that if you rejected me it’d be the Quentin I’m inside now who’d have to live with the rejection.
I’ve been unfaithful to the several different wives and girlfriends I’ve had, who, after all, I often didn’t really know very well and didn’t always like.
I’ve sometimes done things I can’t claim to be proud of.
No Groundhog Day redemption for me, I’m afraid.
But I’ve never been as bold as you.
Vivienne shrugged.
I guess us spacetime travellers all have our different ways of coping with the freedom we’ve been granted, she mused, but I know that the Viviennes whose bodies I’ve occupied have all been pretty different.
All the different ways I could have been, and, of course, somewhere in space and time actually am.
On some occasions, the Vivienne I’ve been was pretty tightarsed, so that’s probably when I’ve been most wicked.
The current Vivienne’s got a boyfriend who works in the City, but she seems pretty free and easy.
Which suits me! None of that ‘Christ, Viv! What’s got into you?’ that I’ve heard so many times.
Quentin finished his glass of beer and pulled out a twenty pound note, with its head of King Charles the Third on the back, and waved it at the barmaid.
What do you want? I’ll have another glass of house dry white, Vivienne said.
And I’ll have another pint of Blackwell’s. Lianaj sex cam chat in tab.

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