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Both stood as David approached with Matt.
One of the girls was dressed– or undressed– as a classic Halloween Devil, complete with red skin, horns, and a long, pointed tail.
Her breasts were totally bare.
The nipples had been pierced vertically with small, bright red, pitchforks.
The center tine of the fork extended upward through the turgid nipple.
The other two tines seemed to grip the nipple tightly from the side.
A handle nearly two inches in length hung down, begging someone to give it a tug to see if the piercings were real.
Her horns were so expertly done that you could not tell that they were not truly sprouting from her forehead just in front of her coal black hair. Mayamihot situs video se wabcam.
And the tail, which hung over the top of a very tiny red, spangled bikini bottom, seemed to twitch and move on its own as she stood gazing at him and licking her lips with the tip of her tongue.
The overall effect of the costume was unsettling, but it was her eyes which disturbed Matt the most.
He knew that you could do amazing things with contact lenses, but it almost appeared as if there was fire inside her eyes.
It would glow and flare whenever she looked him over.
The second girl at the table was dressed as an angel.
Her blonde hair reminded Matt very much of Gloria’s as it spilled down almost to the center of her back.
Her teeth were dazzling as her ruby red lips split into a wide smile when Dave introduced Matt to her.
Her costume itself was both extremely sexy and extremely modest– for a modern Halloween costume.
There was a white, fur-trimmed bikini style top which uplifted and displayed her breasts while not revealing more of them than might be seen in an elegant evening gown. Sashok9144 sex chat circle cam.

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