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His hips started to jerk, and he felt another rush of semen release.
Finally, her legs went limp and he pulled out.
He looked down at his penis, purple and covered with juice.
He also looked at her pussy , his first clear view of it, the gash under her red pubic hair purple and swollen from the sex. Xzfalconzx sex with strangers.
And now, she said, getting up, You have to mop the floor.
Indeed, he looked down at the floor, and it was covered with sweat and juices.
Seriously? he asked.
Quite seriously! her directing personality was coming back.
His legs were weak, but he went to get a mop and some water.
When he came back, she had pulled up a chair and had her legs spread, and had two fingers circling around her swollen, wet labia. –sexyashley– naked mobile chaturbating.

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