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Sexysat online. She is the mother of my deceased father 10 years ago, died two years ago, leaving me with this apartment.

– So you just left my mother and no longer one of the family?
– Yes, my mother very sick and I got a job I want to take her to him.

– If you agree to work for me, it would have to wait a bit with the move.
– Well I think my mother would wait a little, but why can not I will take her here.

– You’ll always be in the house and will not be able to go a whole year.
– Oh, and why can not I be out?

– It is still tayna.No you all know if we will agree with you.
– I have a couple of questions for you, but do not hesitate to answer the truth, okay?

– Of course, I will answer all.
You slept with a man, and not whether youre pregnant?

– Yes, I had one guy, while studying at the institute, but I was protected.
Just One guy, how interesting. Sexysat online.

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