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With the tour now over, Belinda led the group back to reception and then returned to her prisoner who was still kneeling, slumped inside the stocks.
She had expected him to get out from the stocks, but then noticed that one of the girls had flipped down the padlock hasp, trapping James inside.
Well done darling! You definitely get your reward.
Maybe let me out of this mask? Belinda sat down on top of the stocks, hitched up her skirt and peeled off the sticky tape from her thigh to free the key.
Spreading her legs, she rubbed its tip against her panties, spelling out little messages for James that he had no chance of reading.
The key having done its important work, Belinda inserted it into the lock and effortlessly opened the mask.
She then untied and freed him from her damp panties Thank you! he gasped, blinking up at her, any chance getting out of the stocks.
Not with me sitting on them, she replied, running her hand through his dark hair and guiding his lips against her thigh, Kiss me.
Belinda watched James kiss her as if worshipping her inner thigh. Sensualcatlee firsttime forced sexyvideo.
Her power had reduced him to this, If I was to stand up and unlock you, will you take me back to your hotel and make love to me? What do you think? James replied, his cock now longing for her warm soft body to counteract all the steel and concrete.
She stood up and opened the stocks.
She inspected the cuffs; the girls had done well, there was no way he was going to get out of them.
One click in each lock and he was free, standing back up to his full height and stretching out his back.
So did you enjoy that tour? she asked, as he took hold of her arms, backed her up against the nearest wall and kissed her tenderly.
Yes, he breathed between kisses, I’m volunteering for tomorrow’s.
I’m now yours for the whole day, she smiled sweetly, her bobbing ponytail now looking quite innocent.
And tonight? She shook her head, knowing she couldn’t introduce him to her daughter, at least not yet, But don’t worry.
After a day with me you’ll be so exhausted you’ll be begging me to lock you back in the tiny punishment cell for some rest.
Oh really? James smiled as he playfully slapped her butt and led them out of the gaol and back to his hotel.
You lay there, naked and spread-eagled – your wrists and ankles each tied to their respective corners of the four-poster bed, staring at the bedroom ceiling of the luxury, Four Seasons suite.
You wonder for a moment if this was such a good idea after all – to come to this hotel with a man you had met only a few weeks ago – and let him tie you up, no less! Danay3512 transexual sex cams.

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