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Standing in the hall leaning against the lockers there, was her champion.
Once again Ruby felt her heart beat a little faster and her panties dampen a bit.
Ruby continued on with her day and the boy in math class became lost in the day’s rushing about.
Ruby somehow made it to her other classes, asking a couple of the other kids where her next class was.
She managed to get through the day with a minimum of trouble and at last the final bell rang.
She was looking forward to putting her first day at Wilson behind her! She made her way through the throngs of students, all trying to get their things and go home as well.
At last she made it to her hall locker and was putting her books away and getting her coat. Juicytitshot fuck chat cam.
She shut the locker door and was startled by the boy from math class standing there in front of her.
“Oh! You scared me!” she said.
“I saw you in Algebra right?” He didn’t say anything, he just looked at her.
“Well my name is Ruby.
Ruby Willams,” she said.
Still he didn‘t say anything and Ruby started getting a bit nervous.
She could feel the boy’s eyes scanning her flame red hair and lingering on her huge green eyes.
She shifted her books, and then his eyes dropped down to her tight little top , and rested on the deep V neckline.
Ruby wasn‘t large breastedthere were other girls a lot more endowed than her in school.
But she still had a respectable B cup which he was now admiring.
She hadn‘t thought about how revealing her outfit was when she got dressed that morning – she was in a rush and just threw on the first thing she could find. Jeinahqueen kerala reyal sex 3gp.

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