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Next to the chair was a small table with the usual implements, a black leather, lace-up hood with eye and mouth holes, a padded leather blindfold, a series of buckle straps to fasten him to the chair, and a rubber mouth-gag in the shape of a cock attached to a leather buckle strap.
Prominent in the center of the table was the key to Ken’s cock-cage, which he had been locked into since Monday.
Now, six days later, he would certainly be ready to fuck a snake, Kim thought.
Kim had done her makeup in the finest whorelike style that Ken loved so much, even she got excited looking at herself in the mirror.
Damn, I’m a hot bitch,” she thought.
As she heard the front-door lock turn, she picked up her long, black, riding-crop and started toward the door.
The door opened, Ken stepped inside.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist “THWAACK,” the riding crop had spoken.
Ken received a sharp blow to his bottom and was temporarily stunned.
Mistress demands that you obey, you piece of crap, strip and sit down at once,” she bellowed. Manoelita cam sex milf free.
Ken immediately slipped into character.
“Oh, Mistress, I am so sorry to have offended you, how may I make amends?” “Sit down and be quick about it, all your clothes off.
Now!” He obeyed at once, As he was stripping, Kim dropped back into wife-mode, “How was the trip, darling?” The conversation continued as he was readying himself.
As the business and family chat concluded, she kissed him gently and told him that she loved him; he returned the sentiment.
“Darling, so much has happened while you were away, this is the best way to show you, and please enjoy the show.
Now sit down and shut up, you worm-boy, Mistress is pissed at you!” She proceeded to strap Ken extra firmly into the chair.
He loved every aspect of his bondage and pending discipline, he thought.
Kim slipped the hood onto his head and pulled the laces tight, extra tight, just the way he liked it.
Next, the gag was slipped into his mouth and buckled tight.
He was ready.
Kim slipped her hand into Ken’s crotch, she gently manipulated his balls to ensure that his cock would begin to grow, the pressure would certainly hurt like hell as it crushed against the small cock-cage, but that was the idea, and Ken so loved every second of it.
Kim saw the effect, Ken was grimacing and snorting through his gag as his cock shot forward, yanking his balls nearly out of their socket.
She then picked up her Hitachi vibrator and placed it against the crotch of her shorts, directly on her pussy and let it start to do its job. Taurus-22 free real live sex.

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