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He stared at Cedric’s thick lips, and that light fuzz that almost passed for a goatee.
He didn‘t want to ask what was on his mind.
Probably just angry they’d been kicked out.
Cedric was staring at his boots.
Keyaron realised they were the same mucky boots he wore for his construction work, and then realised he was wearing his work jeans too.
Both had been cleaned up as best as they could, but didn’t much hide the fact.
Cedric had stuck at work better than he had managed.
Keyaron knew it was the effects of that work he felt when he pulled at his shoulders.
His own body was hardened by an almost obsessive attention to impress, during the long hours Cedric was away earning wages.
Keyaron put his arm around Cedric’s shoulders, something that he told himself would make him feel better.
He didn’t care other than how it made him feel right now, feeling that hardness against his body.
Cedric didn’t much respond, and he grew bored with that after a while too, risking the bottle again.
You want some beer? Think we had enough.
Never enough beer, nigga, Keyaron remarked. Layra69 live cams in rooms in houses.
He opened the bottle, feeling the cutting cold in his grasp.
It was worth it for another taste of beer.
But when the beer turned out to be as cold as the glass bottle, Keyaron tried to hide the fact he wasn‘t as enjoyable as it had been back at the party.
He offered it to Cedric.
He just shook his head.
You remember that chick I was hittin’ on? The one in the short skirt? Keyaron asked, trying to light up the conversation again.
The beer hit a new cold inside him, and he tried to find somewhere flat to put it aside.
How the fuck did I miss out on that? We got thrown out, Key.
Keyaron stared over at Cedric again.
Boy, he really was mad, wasn’t he? Was that why he was giving him the silent treatment? Keyaron figured this was what he should get from a bitch if he ever went steady, it was a pain in the ass getting it from one of his homeboys.
He wondered what was up with his boy Ced sometimes.
You gonna keep singin‘ that same old fuckin‘ tune? Keyaron asked.
He couldn‘t bring himself to let his tone hit too hard, as neglectful as he was to his friends feelings sometimes.
Fuck, that shits already done and done.
Just because you can‘t remember it.
Keyaron frowned and glanced back over at Cedric, losing the words to a heavy rumble of a truck above.
What? Nothing, Key.
Keyaron put his arm around Cedric’s shoulders again, partly because he wanted to feel that hardness again.
It was starting to seem a little strange that he should be hugging up on him like this so much without any reason. Alena9968 nude daya.

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