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We enjoyed a few more drinks and it was almost 5:30.
I told her I had to go home, as I was leaving tomorrow.
She offered to give me a ride home, but I knew she lived only a couple of blocks away, so I told her no.
I walked her to her car which was located in the second floor of a parking garage behind the restaurant.
As she opened the door to her car, she turned to me and we kissed.
It started out innocent, but in seconds we were really kissing hard.
My tongue was in her mouth and hers in mine and we were holding each other very tight.
She opened her back door and told me to come inside with her.
She had a big car with a huge back seat.
We immediately started kissing and I stuck my hand on her thigh and rubbed up her leg.
She spread her legs wider and I slid my hand up underneath her white skirt and felt her black thighs while maintaining a lip lock on her.
I slid around so that my knees were on the floor of the back seat and slid her skirt up all the way to her waist.
I slid down her white panties all the way down her legs and over her sandalized feet. –sexyblondeporn free girls chat.
I stuck my head between her legs and starting licking Collette’s pussy with my tongue.
I went right at her clit and found a big thick clit that felt wet from her dripping cunt.
I continued to lick her clit and moved my hand up her thigh until I found her pussy and inserted my index finger inside her cunt.
Her moaning increased as I continued to lick and nibble on her clit as my finger went in and out of her sticky and very moist pussy.
Tony, that feels so good, don’t stop.
Keep eating my pussy! She panted out between moans.
I didn’t stop; I picked up the pace and inserted a second finger inside her.
I tried to mix my licking with a gentle bite of her clit.
This sent shivers throughout her entire body and she grabbed my head with both hands and shoved my face right into her wet pussy.
I shifted my position and started to lick the bottom of her cunt and crept my tongue into her ass crack and I felt her lift her butt up so that my tongue could find her puckered asshole.
When I found my target I moved my middle finger inside her pussy to try to find her g spot.
At the same time I started sticking my tongue into her asshole.
This time her shiver shook her body so severely Collette let out a huge pant and moan.
Fuck Tony, what are you doing to me? She screamed.
I kept working my fingers and looked up to see Collette pulling up her sweater and unfastening her red lacy bra.
I kept my attention on licking her ass and repeatedly sticking my tongue inside her asshole. Alisterstone chatvideosex com.

Alisterstone chatvideosex com.
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