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This time I just push and pull only the head of it, again between my thumb and index finger, ever so slowly.
I look down at the picture of that spread out girl again.
Wishing it was her that I masturbating for.
I’d love for a female, any female, to watch me come.
I want to know what perverse effect it has on her.
My own wife thinks it’s disgusting and something only perverts do.
Married men don’t do that kind of stuff (or so she thinks).
So in my mind, the girl in the picture is watching me, begging me to come for her.
Unconsciously I begin stroking myself faster.
Up and down my shaft with only two fingers.
My orgasm is fast approaching.
My breathing is more ragged, my balls a bit more achy.
I want to come now, I have all of the inspiration I need right here.
That is until I realize that I can’t very well come all over the bed sheets.
How would I explain that one? Thinking quickly it’s back to my old sixteen-yearold tricks.
I reach down along the bed and grab one of my white socks from the day before. Sayalhilus video chat with horny girls strangers.
Funny how my cock automatically senses what it’s for, as I am almost there.
I look over my shoulder one last time and then focus my eyes on the screen.
With just two fingers I begin to jerk off in earnest.
I want to come so bad now, but not bad enough where I want to use my whole hand.
In a bizarre sort of way, I am still teasing myself, taunting myself, almost daring myself to come.
I turn on to my back briefly and pull my cock up, marveling at how close I am to coming and at the same time being able to hold hack.
I turn back to my side and once again pick up where I left offthumb and index finger, gently, slowly pulling back the foreskin and then going back up again.
I am just about at the point of no return, probably about another five or six strokes when came up with a new technique for teasing myself even more.
I let go of the head of my prick and started lightly pinching the underside of my cock, making its throb that much more pronounced.
Not enough to where it hurt mind you, but just enough to feel it.
The pre-come was practically running out of my cock now, dribbling down on to the sock in long, clear ribbons.
I stared at the picture, and then focused my attention on my cock again.
I was torn between coming and teasing myself some more.
However in the back of my mind I knew that if I kept fooling around like this I would eventually get caught.
I continued ‘pecking’ at my cock for another few minutes or so, reveling in the sensations I was feeling.
With every nibble my cock would jump up. _dany_777 cam sex live usa.

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