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– Excellent, full of energy with a hint of cheerful guy said

– Yes, you have a lot of energy clearly noticed my wife
– What are you doing now continued Alex
– Oh, nothing, in general, responded Marina
– You are one, I can go
– Now a few hesitated, said Marina
– But soon my mother to come she continued
– I now also one mom at work an hour or two to come, and on Wednesday afternoon I was working, and that‘s what you are doing aunts Marin on Wednesday before lunch?

– I also work only with dinner after a pause said Marina, but I can be at home mom she said, do not know yet
– My mother Wednesday morning runs, so I’ll be the one you can go to tea hinted guy
– I do not know, we’ll see on Wednesday vaguely replied my wife
– Well, on Wednesday morning I was waiting for a call mom is already half of the ninth at work hinted about Alexa time and hung up
On Wednesday morning, his wife, as it were sleepily asked
Do you like to work today,
– As usual late I said (although the body tensed)

Leaving saw that the mother-in-law had got up
– And what are you up so early I asked Elena
Yes, that today it is necessary to go into town in the morning, pick up something
Surely it was her shampoo and cream on honey, I thought, she recently little quirk about the fact that the cure for all diseases is honey
How long will
– In 4 hours probably only true mother-in-law replied

Well I thought that’s all ready for a meeting my wife and her lover, this time no doubt that the meeting will take place at me was not. India ladies full free sexy.

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