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Until your mind maybe starts to believe it.
Your heart never will.
But maybe, if you can keep the right mindset, your heart won’t break into a zillion pieces every time plans get cancelled or you hear someone talk about their attached.
Sometimes the jealousy increases excitement.
Seeing or thinking of your lover with someone else may at first cause great anger that you can turn into a huge steamy bowl of jealous rage, which, hopefully can turn into jealous sex.
When I first started my affair, I wasn’t concerned so much with jealousy for people involved.
People I can easily block from my mind and discard like used condoms.
I would get jealous of watching your long fingers move lightly over your desk when they should be moving along my spine.
Jealous of the fabric of your pants causing friction when it should be my hands.
Jealous you can chew and lick your lips openly while I just have to imagine the tastes left there.
Jealous that even though we always seem to take showers at the same time, it was far apart, never together. Lusia42 sex live vedeos.
Never me washing your hair.
Jealous of the very bubbles running down your hairy thick chest.
I started to want to create that same mind-blowing frenzy in you.
So when I leave work and that one boy, who is desperately in love with me and follows me like a puppy, follows me to my car, I linger.
I chat with him.
Never going into deep conversations like the ones we have, but also not telling him to stop completely.
He can pause there and chat with me as you walk out the door and spy on us.
Shooting him evil glances, wishing it was you who could openly talk to me next to my car.
Jealousy can be seen every time I see some cute little couple walking hand in hand through a parking lot, their fingers laced together before all of humanity, not a thought of who will see them or what other people think.
That’s where my true jealousy lies.
I began to get jealous of all the times you didn’t text.
All the words you couldn’t say because other people may hear.
All the times you couldn’t get free to see me, leaving me awkward and alone.
Jealous when I ask about your day or night, and she is mentioned.
The worst type of jealousy is when you are just happy.
You have no reason to be happy, and I am jealous because how on earth could you be happy without me? Jealousy that leads to anger and then eventually apathy.
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Just enough to make you hard, ready and eager to replace whatever thoughts I’m having with thoughts of you. Mollasweets web chat intim.

Mollasweets web chat intim.
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