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I will have to make sure that every inch of that slutty little body of yours is covered with Master’s fingerprints.
I snuck a glance over at him and I saw a tiny smile on his face.
I’m hungry, he said as he pulled into a drive-thru.
I was sure I was sweating and in danger of having a panic attack.
I focused on the sensation of the plug in my ass and the rope across my chest.
Master placed his order and pulled forward.
He paid the boy in the window, who, to my mortification, did a double take as he handed Master’s food across.
He asked Master, “is she all right?” “She is being punished at the moment, but she will be fine.
Thank you,” he said and pulled to an open space.
He said I had to keep the cuffs on, but told me I could have a break from the gag.
He gently removed the strap from the back of my head and told me to push out the ball with my tongue.
My jaw felt sore.
“I will feed you when I am finished.
You are not permitted to speak while I eat,” he told me.
I sat in silence.
When Master had finished his meal, he fed me a dish of soft serve ice cream , which soothed my throat, raw from screaming. Monicaa porn live free web no sign up.
Can you still taste Sylvia, slave?” he asked me.
“No, Sir,” I said, “but I can still smell her.
She is still on my skin.
” I told him.
“Mmmhhmmm,” he said.
“You were sucking her off like a pro.
I am not surprised you got her juices all over my slut‘s face.
” He reached out and gently slapped it.
I hoped his mood was melting a little bit.
I leaned into his hand, which he had rested on my face.
I stole a look at him, and I thought I detected a tiny smile, but I could not be sure.
As Master started the car, he said, “I will wash my slave‘s body when we get home and then I am going to make sure you are covered in my scent.
I relaxed finally as he drove us back home where I would be reclaimed by my master.
This continues the efforts by 24-year-old Miss Bentner to have disciplinary control over 36-year-old Elizabeth, as she already had control over Elizabeth’s 17-year-old daughter, Emma.
The discipline came first.
Now though comes the manipulation of both mum and daughter to ensure both submit to her: Miss Bentner looked at the two bottoms still bent across the table.
She knew Emma will be wet with anticipation for her ‘afters,’ finger and tongue sex.
It happened regularly after she spanked the 17-year-old.
She knew Elizabeth also got aroused by being disciplined.
After all, why else go with Sarah Parker to the nurse’s room after they were caned by Mrs Denver? A close look at the 36 year old’s pussy confirmed it. Sexybeby cam seks.

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