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Sally said quickly, No, no, I’m free, I just meant, well, I mean.
She took a breath then continued more emphatically, Now is fine, I mean really good.
Yes please, do call her and ask, she said definitely.
Nikki rang her Mum and explained she was talking to Mrs Denver.
Nikki’s Mum remembered her and yes she will be quite happy if she came over now.
Sally was delighted but Nikki frowned.
What’s up, Sally asked.
Is there a problem? Nikki said, No.
Mum reminded me I asked for a spanking and caning tonight.
We were going to watch a film on TV afterwards.
Oh, shall I defer then? Nikki said quickly, No, not now you are expected.
Mum will probably deal with you first then me later on.
No, it’s cool.
Nikki knew her Mum would still deal with her as she wanted a good spanking and caning tonight so she could masturbate after the weepy film.
That’s fine with me as well then, Sally said happily.
Nikki nodded definitely and said, Good.
So let’s finish up and go.
Sally smiled at Nikki who smiled back.
Nikki finished her coffee. Prettykiss01pak hot firl porn vk.
Sally took a sip, decided she didn’t fancy any more, smiled at Nikki, and they both stood up.
Nikki was chatty as they walked realising Sally was tense.
Nikki jokingly said, You know Sally, think of this as the walk of shame to your Study.
Sally asked, Why the walk of shame? Everyone in the corridors knew exactly where you are walking.
To the Heads Study and from the look on our face everyone knows what will happen.
It was no good denying it as afterwards they see you are red eyed.
So, imagine you have a note from a teacher in your hand and know that when you get to the Study you will be disciplined.
That will get you in to the right mind set.
Right, hang on.
Sally opened her handbag, took out a small pad and a pen.
If I write a note then that will be more authentic.
Does, ‘Failed to do homework,’ sound OK? Nikki recognised that was just the kind of note any of the teachers might have written.
She suggested, Why not add the wordagain.
’ Good thinking Nikki.
Whenever I saw that on a note the student definitely got a spanking and for repetition some extra strokes of the cane.
Sally wrote the note tearing out the page from the book.
They got closer to the house.
Nikki explained, Mum likes the whole thing to be treated like seeing you at your Study.
So when we get to the house you have to be just as respectful as if you were the naughty schoolgirl being sent there.
Once inside the house you have to address my Mum as Mrs Pearson.
Do you remember what happened if we forgot to address you properly in your Study? Robertorosu chatroulette sexs.

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