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You’re not considering a real stripper… I was surprised by her reaction.
Actually I was just sort of making a joke, but yeah, I could see how that could be a fun little fantasy.
I wouldn’t even begin to know how to locate a real male stripper.
She looked at me for a moment, her eyes searching my face.
Did you enjoy the little fantasy we played with tonight, about Boris? I smiled at her.
Yeah it was fun – and I could tell you were enjoying it, you seemed especially turned on tonight.
She smiled.
I was.
It was surprisingly arousing, if you want to know the truth.
It didn’t bother you though, the idea of me with some hung stud like that? I considered how to answer that.
The reality was that despite my intense arousal I had gone through a whole series of emotions, not all of them pleasurable.
It was intensely erotic, but it made me jealous at times.
It actually hurt a little, a few times, even though it was all fantasy – but damn, it was arousing! Her eyes searched my face for a long time, trying to read me, I think, before meeting mine and holding. Queenkarma free desi live sex chat.
It actually made you jealous? Of course.
But it was all just play – there is no Boris.
I know.
Still, it’s the thought that counts.
If you were jealous, why were you so hard and aroused? It was my turn to search her face for a moment, her eyes wide and guileless, genuinely interested in understanding how my conflicting feelings worked.
I don’t know, really.
There is something intensely erotic about the idea of you making love to another man – about being a voyeur at the event, able to just watch what you do and see and hear how you react.
Just as a fantasy, of course; still though, it hurts and makes me jealous.
Why, because I made him with a bigger cock than you? Actually I made him that way, remember? But no, it was because he was making love to my wife.
I was jealous of him being better endowed too, but that was separate, kind of.
I can’t explain it.
She reached down and cupped my genitals in her hand, covering my shrunken and shriveled penis and my depleted and aching balls with her palm and her long, graceful fingers.
I love what you have; I wouldn’t change a thing about it.
You know that, right? I’m glad.
I was, and I believed her, but I still wished for a bit more size after seeing how she had reacted to the fantasy.
I hesitated, not sure if I should tell her the rest of what I was feeling, and then just blurted it out.
The part where I made love to you after him, and performed oral on you, and sloppy seconds and all? That was intense.
I could tell you really liked that part. Soul_mate www vk sex.

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