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Hotboy4you28 sexchat 123.
Suddenly you pull me off, the absence of your cock leaving a horrid void in my mouth.
I try to take you back in but you push me back as you sit up.
I want you in me! I try to push you back down, but you’re stronger.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist You grip my forearms and flip me onto my back.
Your eyes are so dark, your face so taut with desire.
I realize what you’re doing, and my pussy pulses and creams for you.
You split my thighs roughly and kneel between them, your cock poised at my weeping slit.
I undulate beneath your hands and moan your name.
I beg you to take me.
Your smile is ruthless as you grip my hips and thrust yourself into me.
You’ve sheathed your entire length in one quick thrust and the sudden sensation is nearly too much for me to take.
I arch my back and press against you, feeling you move against that tender, sweet spot inside me.
I’ve lost all control of my body; it only wants you to thrust and thrust and thrust, and you do. Jennyxsx freel ive sex.
You curse on harsh breath as your hips pump hard but slowly into me.
You’re driving me crazy with your controlled thrusts.
I want it fast and wild.
My hands find your thighs and my fingernails score over your muscled quads.
Your eyes are dark slits in your face, first focusing on the way your cock splits me wide before disappearing into me, then up to my jiggling breasts, and finally to my own halfclosed lids.
That dark, owning look, your breath exploding out of you, and the way you manage to touch all the right spots with every thrust, all have me on the edge of sweet oblivion.
Then, your thumb finds my stiff, aching clit and I explode.
I scream your name, over and over.
I milk your lovely cock with my hungry cunt, pulling at your own climax.
I want to feel you come inside me.
You feel so close! I beg you to come inside me! Give me what I want.
You groan and throw your head back.
Your speed increases and I just keep coming.
My noises are incoherent moans and screams as you keep fucking me.
My legs are wrapped tightly around you, trapping you against me.
Give me what I want, love.
Give me your cum.
After what seems like an eternity of endless pleasure, I feel you tense against me.
Your thrusts become inhuman and you scream my name as your cock spews one load after another of cum into my waiting pussy.
Your climax kicks my orgasm into a new level, and I press frantically against you, desperate to milk every last drop.
You thrust three or four more times, and then you stop, breathing hard and moaning softly. Hotboy4you28 sexchat 123.

Hotboy4you28 sexchat 123.
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