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From past experience I know that sometimes I will shoot as many as seven or eight heavy streams before tapering off, but more often it’s two or three, followed by a few small pulses and dribbles; this one felt massive, like I was flooding her, and if the duration and intensity of my arousal beforehand was any indication, I probably was.
All good things must come to an end, though (Hey, I like that! I should probably jot that down…) and this did too, my orgasm slowly waning and leaving me weak and shaken, gasping for air, my body limp even as my cock remained thick and hard, deep inside of Alli.
She reached back and squeezed my balls, which she knew would still be very sensitive, and then laughed as I groaned and twitched in her grasp.
Did that feel good, Boris? Did you get those huge balls of yours all emptied out? Uunnnh, god! That was all I could manage, that meaningless utterance and a tired gasp or two.
She seemed to find humor in my complete incapacitation, and she laughed again as she continued to fondle my testicles.
I felt like a limp dishrag, draped over her ass and back, and I could feel my cock losing its size and stiffness, and her fingers became wet and slippery as my cum began to leak out of her and run down my sack. Enriki_valio vk adult video sex.
She spread the slippery mess over my scrotum as she fondled me, using one cum-slick fingertip to tease my asshole.
I clenched up.
God, Alli, stop! I’m not Alli, I’m Natasha, remember? And you stuck something in me, Boris, so it’s only fair that I get to stick something in you too! I reached back and clamped my hand over my butt, denying her probing fingers any further access.
Yeah, well screw ‘fair’, it ain’t happenin’! Not now, at least; I wouldn’t be able to stand it.
She laughed, and as she did the contraction of her stomach muscles pushed my shrunken, nearly-flaccid penis out of her in a gush of cum, which dribbled down the insides of her thighs, some dripping on the edge of the cushion and onto the floor in front of the sofa.
She gasped at the sensation of loss as we parted, and then pressed her own hand over her sex, catching the leakage and preventing any further stains on the furniture.
When I backed off she quickly flipped over onto her back on the sofa, letting her ass hang over the edge and bracing her feet on the floor.
She spread her legs and moved her hand, uncovering herself; her dark curls were matted and soaked with cum along the swollen lips of her pussy and I could see the white, pearly fluid oozing out of her.
Much of it trickled down to her ass, but with one finger she smeared some of it across her hard, prominent clit. Karenkitty chat with horney girls.

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