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Donald presses a button on the shaft, and the head starts to vibrate, and then he presses it again, and again, and it speeds up.
Emma’s eyes grow wide as she watches tethered to the bed.
Donald comes and sits down beside her again, and for the first time, moves his hand between her legs, to that sacred place, that no one had ever touched on her before.
His fingers moved to her outer lips, and gently spread them, and then her inner lips, and then taking the vibrating stick, he slowly presses it against her slit, which is rather wet, and runs the pulsing head up and down her slit before settling on her clit.
Emma gasps.
Donald now places his hand on Emma’s stomach and gently rubs it, telling her to relax, just relax.
Seeing her body quiver and hearing her gasps, Emma recalls the feelings which ran through her as this happened.
Emma squirms beneath Donald administrations and moans and starts to beg him to stop – but again, his finger is on her lips, and the look on his face tells her to be silent.
Instead, she takes the finger into her mouth and sucks away on it. Alesi31eklips free c2c me on amecam com.
Donald allows her to, and after a few minutes, presses a second finger into her mouth as he directs the vibrator over her clit and pushes it against her.
The ums and ahs from deep in Emma’s throat begin to grow.
Donald presses a third finger into her mouth, and as she sucks hard on them, he begins to push and thrust his fingers farther and farther into her mouth.
Emma choked a little, but his stern look makes her stop at once and instead starts sucking harder and allowing him to press his fingers in further and further.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Suddenly it seems as if his whole hand is in her mouth, up over his knuckle, and the tips of his fingers pressing against the back of her throat.
Emma does not stop, instead keeps sucking and sucking on them.
Donald moves the stick from between her legs, and as she sucks on his fingers, trying to hold on to them, he slides them from her mouth.
The look of anguish on her face brings back all the feelings Emma had at that moment.
She reminisces how she internally cried out ‘Noo’ – knowing not to make a sound like that, as tears form in the corner of her eyes.
Donald just smiles down at her, then leans and kisses her forehead, and says, That’s enough for you right now.
Just nap for a bit, and perhaps we can move on in a little while.
” He returns the stick to the dresser.
He turns the lights down; the drapes are drawn, so this did darken the room a good bit. Karlaandedell sex webcam bot.

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