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I poured some vodka into the other glass and walked back to the sink.
“So,” began, turning the tap on.
There‘s something I’ve been wanting to ask you.
” “Yeah? What’s that?” “What‘s the deal with yoga pants?” I asked, turning my head as I filled the glass.
“I mean.
You wear them all the time, but I don’t think you ever do yoga.
Melanie laughed and tossed her head back.
They‘re soooo comfortable,” she explained, before spinning around and arching her back in sexy pose. Ms-mia porn chate.
Plus, they make my butt look really, really good!” “Yeah, I’ve noticed that,” I blurted out without thinking, instantly regretting what I had just said.
“Oooh, Damon!” she said flirtatiously, slapping me playfully across the shoulder.
“You bad boy.
With that, she laughed and turned to head back into the living room.
I walked behind her unable to tear my eyes away from her ass as she walked.
She was right.
Those pants did make her but look good.
Really good.
The form-fitting material clung to her curvaceous cheeks emphasising every line on her perfectly, round ass. Konfetka30 hot model bra.

Konfetka30 hot model bra.
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