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Lauraxlove bentuk folikel telur.
She then moved back and forth pleasuring the two men, one at a time.
While she sucked on one man’s penis, she was running her hand back and forth along the others.
Dani was gushing with the excitement of pleasuring two men at the same time and surprisingly found herself belting out a schoolgirl squeal from time to time.
She could hardly believe that Jake was okay with this, but then again, by the story she had read, this was just what Jake was into.
As she was thinking about the situation, Jake reached his hand down and, as a sort of reassurance, gently grabbed Dani’s breast, gave it a squeeze and ran his fingers along her nipple, giving it a slight tweak.
Dani threw back her hair and looked up at the men.
‘Oh, how the power has shifted,’ she thought as she now knelt beneath the two men.
Mike and Jake looked at each other and Jake motioned to the couch.
Mike nodded along.
The two men reached out a hand, helped Dani to her feet and escorted her up to the couch they had just been sitting on.
Jake walked up behind Dani and gently escorted her up to the couch. Sexyseason sexy cam girls.
The two men bent her forward over the back of the couch, raising her ass into the air, exposing her wet vagina.
Dani, aware of what Mike and Jake were planning, looked around behind her and smiled, beaming with excitement.
What are you boys gonna do to me? Dani asked.
We’re just gonna have a little fun.
Don’t worry, you’ll love it, Mike answered with a swagger.
Mike walked around to the back of the couch, while Jake drove his rock-hard penis into Dani’s wet vagina.
Dani moaned loudly as Mike walked up to her and kissed her lips.
Their kiss broke and Dani made her way down to Mike’s penis and threw her lips around it.
The immense power she had at the beginning of this adventure had now been completely handed over to the two men.
Jake pumped his powerful legs back and forth, thrusting his penis in and out of Dani’s vagina from behind, while Mike moved his hips rhythmically thrusting his penis deep into Dani’s throat.
At times she didn’t even move.
The men entered her body from front and behind and at times seemed to be trading thrusts back and forth, as one man’s thrust sent Dani toward the other, who would thrust Dani back.
Dani couldn’t help but feel like she was being taken advantage of by the two men, but it felt oddly appealing to her.
She felt as if she were the main attraction, the center-of-attention, everything revolved around her.
She could hear Mike and Jake mumbling something.
What? She couldn’t make it out.
Just then Mike pulled his penis from her mouth and Jake pulled his penis from her vagina. Lauraxlove bentuk folikel telur.

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