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You think about what you are doing, that you are taking two massive cocks inside of you, one in your ass, and one in your pussy, not even two inches away.
Now that both are fully inserted you feel full, there‘s no other way to describe it except you are full of cock.
You feel wickedly nasty and incredibly sexy at the same time.
I’m watching you as you do this, and I see you looking incredibly sexy.
You’re eyes widen and your mouth forms an ‘O’ as you take both cocks balls deep.
It’s hard to believe but that is an incredibly sexy face and my cock starts throbbing inside of you as you do this.
Both of these cocks inside you feel amazing and you want them both to fuck you now.
You turn on the vibrator and tell me to take you now, cuz you can feel my cock getting harder and throbbing in anticipation of what it’s going to do to you.
As me and the vibrator start churning inside of you, you begin to feel an orgasm stirring up inside you.
I can feel it through my cock, as the muscles in your ass tighten around my dick and pull me closer, deeper inside you. Anutka28 hot video calling girls online free.
The combination of two enormous dicks fucking you at the same time is overwhelming and I feel your body start to shake.
I really start to give you all of my dick and I see goose bumps start forming in the small of your back.
You throw your head back and begin to moan uncontrollably.
Your back arches and I know it’s here.
With that I thrust as deep as I can go while I flex the muscles in my cock so that it’s extra hard.
Your ass clamps down hard on my cock and I know you’re having an orgasm.
You moan and say ‘Oh god Joe fuck me! While you scream this you slam your ass against me.
You have what appears to have mini-convulsions on the end of my cock for about a minute, and then collapse onto your face in the bed as you pull off of my cock, and pull the vibrator out.
You stay there for a second and then roll over and say that it’s my turn.
You get up and get a towel and clean me off.
You tell me to lay on my back.
I do, and you pause to look at my huge cock standing perfectly straight up for you, and smile at how much pleasure it had just given you.
You head over to me and swing a leg over.
Then you line my cock up with your pussy and ease yourself onto my manhood.
You begin to ride me, and while you do you look me deep in the eyes and tell me you love me.
I repeat the same as you slide up and down my cock.
I can feel you flexing the muscles in your pussy and it’s driving me crazy.
You and I both feel my cock start to swell and get even harder, even though it seems impossible, as it’s already rock hard. Milfsinlove blonde on cam.

Milfsinlove blonde on cam.
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