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For Claire it was just stating what her Aunt had done so often to Claire’s cousins which she had witnessed so many times.
Todd had met Claire’s Aunt a few times and knew she was strict although her spanking Claire’s cousins had never been mentioned.
It was against all those thoughts that Todd suddenly said to Claire, Go on then.
Todd froze.
Claire stared at him and asked, incredulously, What, spank you? Todd swallowed, blushed then almost mechanically said, Yes.
Claire thought Todd was only joking and playing along said, Right, I will then.
She watched Todd who remained silent, blushing, and it dawned on her that he wasn’t joking at all and was actually asking her to spank him.
Still not certain she said, Well I can’t here because Mum will hear and come in then anything could happen.
Claire still watched Todd closely and the realisation was getting stronger when he asked tentatively, Where then? Claire was still surprised but Todd was her friend and so she reckoned she should think positively and maybe do as he wants.
Thinking quickly she said, We could go to my Aunt Angela, she’ll be OK with it. Dirtymilady sex chat websites.
Again Todd replied in monosyllabic style, OK.
Claire said quickly, Right then, I’ll call her.
Claire went to the living room, Todd following her as though obediently, his mind still in a whirl, still not really believing he had asked to be spanked nor that Claire had agreed.
He listened to Claire on the phone to her Aunt Angela who said they could come over straight away.
Let’s go then, Claire told Todd.
It was warm out as they both left the house and walked together to Claire’s Aunt.
They chatted happily enough Claire trying to stay calm whilst Todd was tense but pleased he had at long last asked for a spanking.
Sure his fantasy had been a spanking by an older woman but Claire was good as well, and if it was going to be a younger woman then Claire was his first choice.
As they got close to her Aunt’s house Claire asked, Todd, do you want a few smacks or a proper spanking? Todd was happy enough thinking his dream was about to come true and said confidently, Oh a proper spanking, so I cry.
Claire was ever more surprised but smiled at her friend.
If that’s what you want then sure.
To be honest she was now looking forward to the experience.
Thinking about it she asked, You do mean on your bare bottom of course? Yes, came another monosyllabic response.
That would normally have annoyed Claire but not this time, not when she was about to spank him anyway.
They arrived at the house, rang the bell, and the door was opened by a welcoming Aunt Angela who steered them in to the living room. Miraelita3 wicked cam chats.

Miraelita3 wicked cam chats.
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