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It was much bigger than the other one and filled me totally.
She then slid the other end into her own pussy.
Slowly she moved and bucked watching as she made the pleasure maker move inside of me pushing my walls in all directions.
Instinct again took over and I started to buck back, clenching my pussy walls then releasing.
Our pace grew faster and faster, not a perfect rhythm, but it didn’t matter.
I came hard once again setting off a chain reaction Emma cumming strong bucking harder, pushing the pleasure maker deeper into me as she came.
We fucked like this on and on.
Until the pleasure waves were all gone.
Then, like a good girl, I slid down between Emma’s legs and licked and sucked her clean. Angelo4ekx kerala sex gay facebook.
Kissing her lower lips until each drop was clean and gone.
She climbed up the bed and lay next to me.
She started to run her fingers all over my body anew.
“I think we should stay in more often,” she said.
Her sweaty hair was now sticking to her face.
“Oh yes, Emma, we should,” I agreed.
Jack lay exhausted on top of Ellen, his cheek resting on her wet mound of pubic hair.
The two lovers breathing slowed.
The air in the room felt cool on his sweat covered skin.
Jack heard the shower in front of him turn off; he lifted his head up in time to see his best friend‘s tight beautiful black ass exit the shower room.
Jack was disappointed that his buddy was leaving; he still wanted to fuck his tight black ass today.
Jack grabbed the sides of the chaise lounge and pushed himself up off Ellen.
Jack‘s and Ellen’s sweat and cum covered torsos peeled away from each other as Jack rose. Elena030795 ranetki chat.

Elena030795 ranetki chat.
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Elena030795 ranetki chat.
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