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Her slick shaven pussy was sweeter than he could have imagined it to be and even though he wanted to keep on teasing her more , his raging cock was spurring him to move on.
Michael peeled her folds gently open with his thumbs.
He could feel the heat radiating from her steaming depths and he saw the glistening pink walls beckoning him to take yet another taste of her sweetness.
There was no more holding back. Sweet_carla porno video 4at.
He lost whatever remaining selfcontrol he had and let his tongue explore all around her folds.
Going from gentle and predictable to completely random and rough in a moment, his tongue searched out every crack and crevice where a drop of precious juice might hide.
Had Michael been able to pay attention to something other than gathering every drop of juice from her delicious pussy, he might have seen Rachael‘s back arch against the bed.
Michael! Fuck!” she cried out.
She grabbed fistfuls of his hair and shoved his face farther into her depths.
Michael let one hand roam up to her tit and grabbed hold. Genifersweet chat sexual espanol usa.

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