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Even though they were muffled against Stella’s pussy, Carly’s moans were still considerably loud which had the domino effect of making him more vocal.
There was something about hearing Carly’s and Stella’s cries, whimpers, moans, groans and screams of pleasure that heightened the whole experience for him.
Stella’s cries reached fever pitch, the look of utmost pleasure on her face telling him she was going to cum – and soon.
At the same time Carly’s hips were moving faster and she was pressing back into him, her moans louder against Stella’s pussy.
For the millionth time since they had entered into their relationship, he thought about how lucky they were to have such an incredible sex life.
The three of them were moaning, groaning and crying out, the sounds of their pleasure mingling to create some sort of sex chorus.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist Stella’s cries had transitioned into screeches and Brad could see Carly pressing her face more firmly against Stella’s pussy, he knew her tongue would be moving back and forward against Stella’s clit at an astonishing rate. Russsianslut onlinesexchat video.
In some ways Brad was envious of Carly, he loved the taste of Stella’s pussy juice on his tongue and decided perhaps he would need a turn later in the evening.
He didn’t understand guys that complained about having to go down on their girlfriend or wife; one of his favourite things to do was eat one woman and eat the other straight after.
There was nothing better than having both women at the mercy of his tongue and then hearing them scream when they couldn’t handle any more.
Brad watched as Stella started to tremble, his fingers digging deeply into Carly’s hips as he braced himself for the loud scream that would inevitably erupt from Stella in a few seconds.
The trembling became more pronounced, the loud screeches suddenly became screams and as Stella’s orgasm hit he pulled Carly back into him, ensuring he hit deep inside, knowing that would help trigger her own orgasm.
His orgasm was steadily building and he hoped Carly would cum before he did; he always put Carly’s and Stella’s pleasure ahead of his own and felt oddly guilty if he came before one or both of them.
Judging by the tightness of her cunt Brad knew Carly’s orgasm would hit soon and he couldn’t stop himself slamming harder into her.
Carly’s cries became more high-pitched and he could feel the muscles in her hips tensing beneath his fingertips.

At the same time her pussy began to strangle his cock and not release. Milledyum teen model adult chat.

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